Little Red update

Little Red now has a new home. Yeah for better protection from the weather and a way to work no matter the weather!

I was able to make some progress, although it does not look like much. The main goal was to get the radiator off so I could get better access to the belts.

Removing the front bolts was not bad, but it took some creative work to get some of the back ones off.

Turning a bolt an eighth of a turn at a time was really slow going.

After getting the radiator off, I drained out some additional coolant, leaving behind a nasty sludge.

I was hoping to be able to get better access to where the hand crank connects. I now have the access, but we still cannot find the old crank. I’ll have to order one. I just wish I could get the motor to turn over. I do still have the cylinders soaking. I’ll order a crank and then hopefully I’ll get it to turn over next time.