Little Red update

Little Red now has a new home. Yeah for better protection from the weather and a way to work no matter the weather!

I was able to make some progress, although it does not look like much. The main goal was to get the radiator off so I could get better access to the belts.

Removing the front bolts was not bad, but it took some creative work to get some of the back ones off.

Turning a bolt an eighth of a turn at a time was really slow going.

After getting the radiator off, I drained out some additional coolant, leaving behind a nasty sludge.

I was hoping to be able to get better access to where the hand crank connects. I now have the access, but we still cannot find the old crank. I’ll have to order one. I just wish I could get the motor to turn over. I do still have the cylinders soaking. I’ll order a crank and then hopefully I’ll get it to turn over next time.

Tractor update

While at the camp, I did get to spend a bit of time working on Little Red.  Not as much as I would have liked, but still made a bit of progress.

I spent some time taking the hood off.  I figured it would be necessary so that I could more easily get to everything.

Since the engine itself is still seized up, I figured it would be worthwhile to take the head off.  I was in for a surprise when I took some of the bolts off.  A strange colored liquid started coming out.

I did get all of them out.  Here is what it looks like:

I was expecting some liquid as I had poured a bunch of Kroil down the spark plugs, but Kroil is not green.

No idea what this stuff is.  One of my friends suggested that it might be anti-freeze?

I’m hoping that I will have more time to work on her during my next trip.  I had to leave with her all covered back up.  Thankfully, I did gain an additional gear-head friend that said he’d help 🙂

Kansas Cub Fest 2017

I went to my first Cub Fest earlier today, not really knowing what to expect. It was a very relaxing event, with lots of good stories, good food, and even some tinkering going on.

I had the little kids wth me, which had me worried. What would they get into? Would I be able to participate without worrying about them? What would the other people think of me bringing two preschoolers to an adult event?

Well, I should not have worried. Phil and Katy did great, mostly staying out of trouble. I’m pretty sure most of the guys are grandfathers and it showed because they did not seem to mind the little ones there.

Phil even got to drive one of the tractors! (Katy was offered a ride, but she was too shy)

Phil on a Lo Boy tractor

He’s doing a pretty good job steering

Here is the crew enjoying a nice lunch…

Thank you again for the great time! Hopefully I will have a running cub by the next time we meet.

By the way, for anything and everything you’d like to know about this type of tractor, check out

Thanks everyone!

Little Red

I was finally able to see the tractor I inherited. She’s a 1948 Farmall Cub. So far, I’ve come up with the name of “Little Red”.

I was hoping for a little warmer weather for the first uncovering, but I was happy to see that she’s in pretty good shape.

Although the pictures do not show the muffler, we do have it and it is in good condition.

The main issue with it is that the engine is frozen, and not just from the cold. I did pull the plugs and put some Kroil in, but no luck after a week. Hopefully warmer weather will help.

We did notice the the rear tires were slightly low. They are in surprisingly good shape, which confused me. My brother and I quickly found out that they were filled with water. We put the back end up on blocks and then started the purge process. I’m know that they were likely filled with water on purpose, but they do need to be at the correct pressure. 

Besides the frozen engine, I am concerned with where the muffler connects (which it won’t right now).

I’m looking for ideas on what to do.

Another puzzle we encountered was some blue paint under the red coat. I wish we knew the history on why it was blue?

The next trip to the camp will be warmer, so we’ll continue work on getting the engine to turn over and do a lot more cleaning. I’m going back and forth on if I should paint it or just clean it up. We’ll also be moving it to a shed this summer, so that will help protect her.

Mystery yellow paint here as well…