Siding updates

I haven’t posted about the siding project for awhile.

All of the old siding is off and new sheathing is in place.

I did discover that the ceiling above our dining room had no insulation on it.

So I learned how to use an insulation blower (not hard) to blow insulation 16+ feet in (challenging) I attached the blower nozzle to the end of a pool pole and then used a long 1×6 to move the insulation into place. It was a bit messy as I got closer to the opening, but not too bad.

With the sheathing up, I was able to get the house wrap on. There is much debate online as to of house wrap should go above or below polystyrene insulation. I chose below as it would be easier to secure around windows.

I worked from the bottom up, over lapping each layer by a foot.

I am now in the process of getting the polystyrene up.

So much of it is now up that I had to remove the scaffolding. I’m hoping that I will be able to get all the siding up without it. I do still have my hoist in place to help with the heavier lifting up high.

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